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Facebook Lite Arrives for Low-End Android Phones

Facebook wants everyone in the world to use its service, and that means targeting markets where mobile technology is scarce and expensive. Last year, the company started offering free mobile data in parts of Africa through its app, and now the social network is rolling out a stripped-down version of its own application designed to work on almost any Android smartphone.

Facebook Lite might not be as pretty or dynamic as the official app, but it offers the same basic experience. It also takes up just 262KB of space and promises to work with 2G connections and older processors. It installs and boots up quickly, and claims to be “efficient with data.”

The new app includes everything you’d expect from Facebook. That means access to Messenger and Groups, along with push notifications. Of course, you can also post status updates and photos, or check in on a friend’s page.

Facebook Lite is available now on Google Play, though only for devices in a handful of countries including Bangladesh, Nepal, Nigeria, South Africa, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Zimbabwe. If you want to test it out for yourself you can also download the APK directly. Just hit the source link below to get started.

Jacob Kleinman

Jacob Kleinman has been working as a journalist online and in print since he arrived at Wesleyan University in 2007. After graduating, he took a...