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Children of Morta Kickstarter Announces PS Vita and PlayStation 4 Stretch Goals

The gorgeous pixelated hack ‘n slash Children of Morta is still chugging along nicely at Kickstarter with $43,000 in the bag and $22,000 to go over the remaining 24 days. It seems like this game will be a success, and you know what that means!

Stretch goal time!

Developer Dead Mage has spelled out the stretch goals for its project which extend to console ports and local co-op modes. At $80,000, you can expect to find the game on the PlayStation 4, and a $90,000 goal hits that ever important PS Vita mark. My Vita will become something of a “Kickstarter game player” this year with a huge slew of games I’ve backed already gaining official support. Children of Morta looks like it would fit nicely in with that crowd.

As for co-op, Dead Mage is going to need $105,000 to make that a reality. Sounds like a nice addition, but I’m more interested in the story and roguelike elements than I am playing with friends.

Children of Morta definitely has the potential to be a Kickstarter hit just by looking at it, and the developers don’t seem too intent on changing the scope of the game. Perfect stretch goals to excite a crowd without promising too much. I’d at least like to see this on the Vita. Give it a glance if you are interested.


Ron Duwell

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