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Guess the Phone: Discover What a Mid-Range Phone Should Be

by Brandon Russell | January 24, 2015January 24, 2015 12:00 pm PDT

You probably don’t own this phone, and I wouldn’t be surprise to find out you’ve never even heard of it. That’s not your fault. It never stood a chance.

But, come to find out, it wasn’t a particularly bad handset. A little underpowered, sure, but perfect for the mid-range market. And the design was terrific, showing that compromises don’t always have to be made when making a device affordable.

This company isn’t a household name—it wasn’t then, and it isn’t now—but you probably know it nonetheless. It sits there on the periphery, carving out its own marketshare in the low and mid-range market.

The phone you see above, while not a best-seller, is important because it didn’t make sacrifices. You want a solid performer without breaking the bank? This fit the bill. It was more than enough for just $49 (with two-year contract).

The most recent Guess the Phone was the Nokia Lumia 920.

Brandon Russell

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