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Microsoft Considering PC to Xbox One Streaming

by Joey Davidson | January 22, 2015January 22, 2015 3:30 pm PST


Yesterday during their Windows 10 briefing, Microsoft put Xbox’s Phil Spencer out on stage to announce a few bits about gaming on PCs in the future. Spencer told the audience that gamers will be able to launch and stream Xbox One games onto their PCs with the new OS.

Following the meeting, Spencer spoke with a group of interviewers about other possibilities for game streaming. Specifically, what about streaming from the PC to the Xbox?

“People ask about the streaming in the opposite direction–can I stream from my PC to my Xbox?–and I’ll just say it’s something that we’re really looking at…

…If you think about that vision–my games are my games wherever I am, and I can play with whoever I want to play with–we want to be able to land solutions that are as native as the one we showed there. We just have to kind of work with the physics of time and work it through.”

They’re looking into it, folks. If Microsoft can make it so the Xbox One can stream all of a users PC games, they’ve come up with something special for the home.

Of course, they’ll need to come up with a way to make streaming less lag prone, but that’s something time and technology will likely fix.


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