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Cortana for Windows 10 Unveiled

by Jacob Kleinman | January 21, 2015January 21, 2015 9:29 am PST

Microsoft just took the wraps off of Cortana for Windows 10, showing what the company’s digital assistant can do on the new operating system.

Cortana comes built into the Windows 10 taskbar, with a small microphone icon reminding you that it responds to voice commands. Microsoft’s digital assistant will live right there on your desktop, and sometimes offers up notifications as well.

Otherwise, it looks like the same old Cortana we already know pretty well. You can ask questions, search the internet, check the weather or just banter with Microsoft’s smart digital assistant. You can also call up documents and PowerPoint presentations, searching through the local drive as well as your cloud storage with OneDrive.¬†You can even ask a question like “show me photos from December” and get a quick response.

“Having Cortana on your PC is like having another member of the family sitting around and helping you get things done,” said Microsoft exec Joe Belfiore.

Other features include the ability to play music or pause a song by saying “Hey Cortana, please be quiet.” You can also launch Skype or any other app by simply typing it into Cortana’s search bar, which scans both the web and your own PC. Finally, you can dictate emails and other messages through Cortana.

Jacob Kleinman

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