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What was the First Open World Game?

by Eric Frederiksen | January 19, 2015January 19, 2015 6:30 pm PST

What was the first open-world style game? Assassin’s Creed? Nope. Grand Theft Auto III? Not quite. What about The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind? Not that one, either.

In his newest video, YouTuber XboxAhoy takes us through the history of open world games, all the way back to the very first titles, which came out a bit earlier than you might think.

While we think of open-world games as a genre unto themselves with games like Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead RedemptionAssassin’s Creed and Batman: Arkham City coming to mind, it’s an idea that can be applied to a variety of genres. In 2014 we saw open world racers, action games, at least one first person shooter, and a space sim among other things.

The oldest open-world game XboxAhoy highlights is, interestingly, one that just received a sequel this year. Check out the video above to see just how far back one of our favorite styles of game goes.

Eric Frederiksen

Eric Frederiksen has been a gamer since someone made the mistake of letting him play their Nintendo many years ago, pushing him to beg for his own,...