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Today Is the Last Day You Can Buy Google Glass

by Brandon Russell | January 19, 2015January 19, 2015 11:00 am PDT


Google’s Glass Explorer program is closing up shop, and today is the very last day you can get your hands (face?) on the technology in its current form. All you need is $1,500 and some seriously thick skin, because you’ll almost certainly be mocked by your peers for purchasing (and using) one of Google’s more dubious moonshot products.

With Nest’s Tony Fadell taking over to lead Google Glass into the promised land, Glass is being taken out of the public eye while it’s refined into something that doesn’t turn wearers into despondent robots. I don’t imagine there are any last-minute Glass buyers out there—there are a lot of better things you can do with $1,500. But, you know, now’s your chance to be part of one of the more ludicrous clubs in technology. (The Glass at Work program will still live on, however.)

Glass, in its current iteration, was never really meant to be a product for the everyday consumer, and that’s fine. But Google promised a lot when Glass was first unveiled, and so far those promises have been largely left unfulfilled. Maybe it was because of the privacy issues, or how people using Glass refused to act with common sense.

Glass has a lot of great potential, and we can’t wait to see how the technology is utilized and improved upon down the road. For now, you only have a few hours left until Glass as we know it now disappears from Google Play.

That doesn’t mean we won’t see Glass again in the future. With Tony Fadell in the lead, more resources and time will be spent on designing an experience everyone can use, not just well-off futurists. Maybe in years and years from now Google will have more to show us. For now, the search giant says we’ll only see future versions when they’re ready, whenever that is.


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