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iPhone 6s Said to Sport Force Touch Display, 2GB of RAM

by Jacob Kleinman | January 15, 2015January 15, 2015 9:00 am PST

Apple iPhone 6-5

The iPhone 6s isn’t expected to launch until much later this year, but a few recent leaks suggest we may already know one key feature about the upcoming handset. A new report out of Taiwan suggests for the second time that the iPhone 6s will offer a pressure-sensitive touchscreen, following similar claims published just one day earlier.

According to, the iPhone 6s (or whatever Apple calls its next phone) will offer the same “Force Touch” technology set to debut with the Apple Watch. Basically, it uses sensors built into the display to tell the difference between a quick tap and a long press, and responds differently depending on which you do. If the rumors are true, it could drastically change how we interact with out smartphones.

force touch apple watch

Beyond that, the same report claims the iPhone 6s will finally get 2GB of RAM. Recent leaks also suggested the device could pack an upgraded camera with built-in optical zoom and no less than 32GB of storage (yes please), though there’s no mention of this from

Like we said, Apple’s next iPhone probably won’t launch until September. That means there’s still plenty of time left for Cupertino to tweak with the device, so we wouldn’t get too attached to any particularly rumors at this point. AppleInsider

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