Fire Emblem Returns to the Nintendo 3DS With Brand New Entry

by Ron Duwell | January 14, 2015

During this morning’s Nintendo Direct Presentation, President Satoru Iwata kicked off the show with a brand new Fire Emblem aimed for release on the Nintendo 3DS.

No subtitle or release date was provided, but Iwata did confirm that same team behind the excellent Fire Emblem: Awakening is hard at work trying to one up its previous game. Also returning to the team is character artist Kozaki Yuusuke, who received a lot of praise for the life he brought to Awakening.

A new addition to the team is Japanese manga artist and writer Shin Kabayashi. He will not only be behind the game’s epic new storyline, but he has also been put in charge of the new conversation choices. Previous Fire Emblem games had small consequences for choices, but Nintendo is obviously in pursuit of the BioWare sort of feeling with its RPG series in which the entire world or outcome can be affected.

Again, no subtitle or release date for the game yet, but Nintendo’s footage looks fantastic! Awakening is one of my favorite games on the handheld, and I’m dying for some more blistering gameplay from Intelligent Systems. Sign me up!

Ron Duwell

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