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XSEED Teases its 2015 Releases in a New Year’s Card to Fans

XSEED 2015

Japanese game localizer XSEED has granted its fans a very happy New Year with an exciting card celebrating its 2014 games and, even better, teasing its 2015 releases!

Apparently the company has eight games up its sleeves for 2015. Four of these games have already been officially announced: Brandish: The Dark Revanent for the PSP, Corpse Party for the PC, Story of Seasons for the Nintendo 3DS, and The Legend of Heroes: Trails in in the Sky SC for the PC. Each of these were displayed on the card, but four more silhouettes have been shrouded in mystery for fans to find out.

Enter NeoGAF who played detective for the entire weekend, solving the puzzle. Posters matched up official art with the silhouettes and were successful uncovered the identity of four games.

Of course, it helps that some domain names were also recently leaked, but fans have still uncovered the existence of Lord of Magna for the 3DS, Corpse Party: Blood Drive for the PS Vita, Onechanbara Z: Kagura with NoNoNo for the PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4, and the highly awaited PC release of Ys: The Ark of Napishtim. There can never be enough Ys in your life, and we’ve only had the janky PlayStation 2 port in English for the last ten years.

It’s worth noting, personally for me at least, that the posters tried to match up art for FuRyu’s The Legend of Legacy, but the characters didn’t fit anywhere into the mix. Maybe we’ll have to wait for Atlus or someone else to translate that one instead.

With these four games uncovered, as well as the unaccounted for domain names for Trails of Cold Steel and Xanadu Next, it looks like a very busy year for XSEED. Hope all goes well in getting these games released.

Which do you want to play? I am actually really looking forward to Story of Seasons. Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley on the 3DS got pounded in its critical reception, but that’s because most of the original staff fled to Marvelous AQL to make this game instead. It’s been fairly well received in Japan, and you know we don’t have enough life simulators on the Nintendo 3DS yet.

I also really want to play The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC, but I still need to play the first one. Naturally, Ys is high on my list as well.

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