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Steam now Requires CAPTCHA During Trading

by Joey Davidson | January 12, 2015January 12, 2015 8:30 am PST


The next time you do a little trading on Steam, you’ll have to pass a CAPTCHA test in order to proceed. What’s CAPTCHA? It’s that image that usually features a tough-to-read scramble of letters that you’re required to decipher in order to tell a site you’re human.

Steam’s employing CAPTCHA because some malware has been making the rounds lately on the service. The malware initiates trades unbeknownst to one computer and empties libraries. This CAPTCHA step should stop all that.

Valve officially posted on the Trading Cards Steam Group boards in order to deal the news. Here’s the official word from that post.

We’re updating trading to include a captcha as part of confirmation process. This is to prevent malware on users’ machines making trades on their behalf. We know it’s a bit of a hassle, and we don’t like making trading harder for users, but we do expect it to significantly help customers who are tricked into downloading and running malware from losing their items. We’ve excluded a few of the existing third-party trading services from this requirement so they can continue to function. If you have any suggestions on the trading process please let us know. Thanks.

I don’t mind the extra layer of security, personally, but I don’t engage in trading with any consistency for it to get annoying. I imagine someone who trades multiple times a day would be rather put off by this whole thing.

Where do you stand?


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