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Mass Effect’s Commander Shepard Originally Created as a Woman

by Joey Davidson | January 12, 2015January 12, 2015 12:15 pm PST


The first animated version of Commander Shepherd was indeed a FemShep, friends. The lead of BioWare’s space epic known as Mass Effect was first seen in motion in female form.

The word comes from Jonathan Cooper, previously of BioWare now working on Uncharted 4 with Naughty Dog. Cooper tweeted out a quick clip of FemShep running. Here it is.

If we stop there, the impression is that Commander Shepard was originally created to be female. That’s not the case, as Cooper points out in a later tweet. Shephard was always going to be female or male (player’s decision), but this early animation came as a Jade Empire leftover.

Personally, I rolled Commander Shepard as a dude. I made no changes to him at all and went into the Mass Effect experience that way. Completely vanilla. Am I the weird one?


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