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Microsoft Hiring for Next in “Beloved Strategy Game Franchise”

by Joey Davidson | January 9, 2015January 9, 2015 6:30 pm PDT


A job posting has popped up on the official Microsoft Careers page for a Senior Software Engineer on the Decisive Games team. The post was screencapped, so we have the-Internet-never-forgets-machine on our side as it comes time to read into the description.

This Senior Software Engineer position with Decisive Games will apparently be working on a strategy title. Not just any title, either. This strategy game is of the “beloved” ilk, as the description reads. Here’s the rundown:

The Decisive Games team is focused on world class strategy game development, and is building a studio that will bring the next installment in a beloved strategy game franchise to the next generation of gamers around the world.

As for what that RTS could possibly be? Or if it’s a real-time strategy game at all, I suppose… remains to be seen.

Microsoft could be looking to relaunch theĀ Age of Empires brand after chopping apart Ensemble and pushing out the last full release that was, quite honestly, rather bad.

Any thoughts on what we’ll see from Decisive and Microsoft?

Joey Davidson

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