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Microsoft’s Spartan Browser Detailed In New Report

by Brandon Russell | January 8, 2015January 8, 2015 10:00 pm PST


There’s a lot of intrigue around Microsoft’s rumored Spartan browser, mostly because we know next to nothing about it. Aside from a few scant reports, we only know that it will be available with Windows 10 when the new OS hits later this year. A new report from The Verge has pulled the veil back, giving us some juicy details about what makes Spartan so special.

One of the biggest parts of Spartan will be Cortana, which is Microsoft’s cool new digital assistant. Cortana’s inclusion will act as more of a Google Now-like experience, giving users information before they even ask for it. The Verge says Cortana will surface information on flights, hotel bookings, package tracking and more, right from the traditional address bar. Cortana will supposedly replace “every instance of the existing Bing methods in Internet Explorer,” and will also be accessible right from a new tab Interface in Spartan.

The browser will also include a slick new way to group tabs together, making for a less cluttered experience; how the overall interface will look is unclear. The main thing is is that you should no longer have a messy bar of tabs open with no sense of organization. I regularly have dozens of tabs open at once, so a built-in solution would definitely come in handy.

Other features of Spartan could include easy syncing across PCs, tablets and phones, and the ability to easily annotate a Web page with a stylus and send it off to friends, colleagues and family. Given how touch-centric Microsoft’s Windows environment has become, it’s no surprise to see some sort of stylus integration involved.

Spartan is supposed to be a feature-rich, lightweight alternative to the browsers currently on the market. The Verge described Spartan’s interface as a “simplified version of Chrome,” which is already pretty minimal. Microsoft has an event scheduled for Jan. 21, which could see the company talk about Spartan and more consumer features of Windows 10.


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