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The Palm Brand Is Making A Comeback

by Brandon Russell | January 7, 2015January 7, 2015 12:00 pm PDT


The Palm brand is being resurrected by TCL, but don’t call it a comeback just yet. The China-based company on Tuesday said it is taking ownership of the Palm brand, and plans to fully support it with the various assets of TCL. Palm is set to remain a U.S.-based company in an effort to keep the “Californian” soul of its glory days in tact. Unfortunately, this is all strictly for the brand name, not for webOS, which is currently owned by LG.

Be that as it may, TCL (operating globally under the Alcatel OneTouch brand) plans to use the Palm brand to introduce “more advanced” devices. Alcatel is more known for offering low-end phones, but Palm could help the company make an easy entry into the more popular flagship market. Alcatel seems very conscious of Palm’s history, and has promised to carry on that legacy.

As part of its support for Palm, TCL will use its army of 5,000 engineers across 7 R&D centers around the globe, along with its modern and efficient mobile devices manufacturing facility. No real timeline for the roll-out has been unveiled, though that news will be shared at a later date, TCL said.

Beyond simply offering a “more advanced device,” the new resurrection promises to “deliver absolute breakthrough innovations in Technology, Design, User Experience, Eco-system, Marketing, Supply Chain and Business Models.”

We’ll see what happens once the Palm brand is back on the market. It won’t be the same without webOS.

Brandon Russell

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