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Fitbit Begins Shipping Charge HR and Surge to Customers in the U.S.

fitbit surge

Fitbit has begun shipping its flagship Charge HR and Surge fitness trackers to customers living in North America following their initial unveiling back in October. The company has also begun rolling out an update for the Fitbit app, which allows users to connect up to five devices simultaneously.

Surge is the closest you’ll currently get to a smartwatch from Fitbit. It combines the company’s famous fitness tracking technology with a capacitive-touch LCD display that provides caller ID, lets you read text message previews, and monitor your activities — like how many steps you’ve taken — on the device itself.

Surge also has a built-in GPS and other motion sensors, and two physical buttons for control and navigation. But its extra features come at a price. The device costs $250 in the U.S., which makes it more expensive than some Android Wear watches, and easily Fitbit’s most expensive wearable to date.

The Charge HR, which is much more affordable at $150, is essentially an improved version of the original Fitbit Charge. Like Surge, it lasts up to 7 days on one charge, but its biggest improvement is the heart rate monitor built into its back, which monitors your heart rate continuously — even while you’re asleep.

If you pre-ordered one of these devices and you live in North America, you should have already received a shipping notification to say your device is on its way. Those in other markets can expect theirs to be shipped “soon,” Fitbit says.


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