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YouTube Says It’ll Support 360-Degree Video Very Soon

by Brandon Russell | January 6, 2015January 6, 2015 10:00 pm PDT


YouTube will reportedly roll out support for 360-degree video, making a potential lethal combination when Google’s Cardboard VR solution enters into the equation. There are already a ton of cameras—they’re admittedly niche—that can record 360-degree video. Give users the biggest platform on the Web and suddenly the VR market has endless possibilities (assuming that’s the reason YouTube is going to support 360-degree video). Imagine how on-field sports highlights will look, or even extreme sports.

A YouTube spokesperson provided a vague statement to Gizmodo saying the platform is simply “working to support 360-degree videos in the coming weeks.” Beyond that, not much information is available, but what more do you need to know? If done right, Cardboard might soon have access to a ton of great new videos, both user and professionally created. There has already been a lot of hoopla over the possibility of watching an entire movie in VR, and that could happen sooner rather than later.

Samsung on Monday announced its own Milk VR service will provide 360-degree videos for Gear VR, which is a great platform for content. But YouTube is a different beast entirely. It may soon be flooded with 360-degree very soon, and that’s a big deal. With a small mention that the platform is going to support 360-degree video in the coming weeks, perhaps there will be some great content waiting to be uploaded and viewed once an official announcement drops.


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