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Devolver Digital CEO Wants to Bring Back Seaman

by Eric Frederiksen | January 6, 2015January 6, 2015 8:30 pm PST


More than a decade before anyone ever said “Xbox, Turn On,” we were already talking to at least one game: Sega’s Seaman, for the Dreamcast, created by oddball developer Yoot Saito. Now, Devolver Digital CEO Fork Parker wants to bring it back.

After tweeting at Sega, Parker then called out to Saito himself:

Saito replied, asking if Parker wanted to make the game for smartphone, to which Parker replied, “Maybe PC and smartphone?”

AsĀ Eurogamer notes, there were rumors of a 3DS version a few years ago that never actually panned out.

With the improvement of voice recognition and the growth of the market for niche games, this might be a great time to bring back this bizarre, off-putting character and his weirdly hypnotic game.


Eric Frederiksen

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