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LG Posters Confirm G Flex 2 Unveiling at CES


Recent rumors have been promising a second-generation G Flex smartphone at CES this week, and posters erected by LG in Las Vegas are now confirming it. The new G Flex 2 looks a lot like last year’s G3 — combined with the trademark curves of its predecessor.

LG’s posters are littered throughout the main hallway outside the show floor, so although the handset’s specifics are still very much a mystery at this point, LG is doing little to keep its impending arrival a secret. The South Korean company doesn’t give too much away, though.

The posters, which were photographed by The Verge, show us what the handset will look like, but that’s pretty much it. It’s hard to tell exactly how big it will be — though rumors claim it’ll be slightly smaller than the original G Flex — or what kind of specifications it will be packing.

If you believe the whispers, the G Flex 2 will have a 1080p display measuring around 5.5 inches big, a 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, and LTE-Advanced connectivity. It’s also expected to maintain the rear-facing buttons, self-healing back panel, and flexibility of its predecessor.

Are you excited for the LG G Flex 2?

The Verge

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