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XSEED Registers a Handful of Domains for Upcoming Japanese Games

by Ron Duwell | January 2, 2015January 2, 2015 2:00 pm PST

Corpse Party Blood Drive

NeoGAF has dug up a whole list of domain names registered by game localizer XSEED, hinting at a list of obscure Japanese titles that it will be offering in 2015.

First up is, most likely for Corpse Party: Blood Drive. Go figure!

This PS Vita freak-fest is the sequel to the popular Japanese indie horror adventure game, Corpse Party. XSEED handled localization of the original PSP version, so it’s a natural fit for the company to focus on this one as well. Corpse Party was a major sensation in Japan when it released on the PC as a free fan-made RPG. Publishers picked it up and turned it into one of the creepiest franchises of all time, and it is definitely worth checking out.

Keeping strong with its relationship to Nihon Falcom, XSEED has also registered a domain name for, hinting at the recently revealed Tokyo Xanadu. This will be the first time since 1989’s Faxanadu that the series has been officially localized into English. has also been registered, most likely leaning towards one of the other of Falcom’s Legend of Heroes games.

Lastly, we have hinting at Marvelous’ Forbidden Magna on the Nintendo 3DS.

All look great, but there is still no sign of The Legend of Legacy yet! I’m hoping that the registration process is just slow or someone else might have picked it up. I’ll be sure to check out Xanadu Next and the new Corpse Party whenever they reach the states.

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