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Talos Principle Outing Pirates by Sticking Them in an Elevator Indefinitely

by Joey Davidson | December 30, 2014December 30, 2014 6:30 pm PDT

The Talos Principle Pirate Elevator

The Talos Principle has an interesting way of outing gamers who picked up the title through piracy. Those gamers will find themselves trapped in an elevator without a means of leaving, short of restarting the game entirely and then getting stuck once more.

This isn’t a glitch, as one specific Steam user learned while posting on the support forums for the game. Croteam, the developer of The Talos Principle, did this as a way of outing and revealing pirates. Here’s a tweet with a screenshot that shares the details from Devolver Digital.

I like it.

While I haven’t played this game, word has it that it’s a Portal-esque puzzle affair with a high head in philosophy. That description and word of this clever way to treat pirates sounds pretty good to me.


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