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Samsung May Discontinue the Galaxy Alpha in Favor of Cheaper Metal Phones

by Jacob Kleinman | December 29, 2014December 29, 2014 11:00 am PDT

The Galaxy Alpha isn’t even a year old, but the metal-ringed smartphone’s days may already be numbered. A new report from ETNews in Korea claims Samsung could axe the device and focus on cheaper models like the Galaxy A5.

The news doesn’t come as a huge surprise. The Galaxy Alpha always felt more like a test concept than an official product, and helped pave the way for the far superior Galaxy Note 4. At the same time, Samsung’s newer Galaxy A lineup offers a sleek unibody design at a lower price with similar specs, though it’s unclear if the company still plans to launch a rumored high-end Galaxy A7.

You may be running out of time if you’re still interested in picking up the Galaxy Alpha. Samsung is apparently set to stop production and let its current supply run out. You can even order one on Amazon at a huge discount, though it probably makes more sense to hold out for the Galaxy A5. At the moment, the metal Android smartphone is available in China, Taiwan and Russia, though it’s expected to arrive in South Korea by mid-January as well.

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