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Game Boy Tetris Getting Pulled from 3DS eShop this Week

by Joey Davidson | December 29, 2014December 29, 2014 7:30 pm PST

Game Boy Tetris

The original Game Boy version of Tetris, the one a lot of us likely grew up with in our hands for hours on end, is about to leave the Nintendo 3DS’ eShop service.

The word came from Nintendo’s UK arm on Twitter, and it was done without much fanfare.

Nintendo hasn’t commented on why, exactly, it has had to pull Tetris, but it doesn’t take much to form an assumption. The game’s license is now owned by Ubisoft. It would appear the new year marks the expiry of Nintendo’s time with the brand, and they don’t want to renegotiate with Ubisoft.

At least, that’s the leading explanation right now. If you own a Nintendo 3DS and have been eyeballing the Game Boy version of Tetris on the eShop, buy it now before it’s too late. Come 2015, it’ll be gone.

Joey Davidson

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