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Final Fantasy Creator’s Canceled Game, Cry On, Gets a Concept Trailer Six Years Too Late

by Ron Duwell | December 29, 2014December 29, 2014 3:30 pm PST

Hironobu Sakaguchi has released a concept trailer for his canceled game Cry On nearly six full years after its untimely cancellation. While the game has no chance of ever coming out, it’s nice to see what could have been.

If you are red-blooded RPG lover, then certainly you must have heard of Hironobu Sakaguchi, yeah? If not, then chip a corner off of your geek card because he is the man who created Final Fantasy. Currently, he finds himself running his own studio called Mistawalker where he is doing very well for himself with a mobile RPG called Terra Battle.

For a while there though, his company was working exclusively with Microsoft on a few Xbox 360 exclusive games that were supposed to attract a Japanese audience to the console. Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey both did their part by being pretty decent, but the Japanese audience simply didn’t follow.

One game from that little stint with the Xbox 360 though was supposed to be Cry On. I remember hearing about a mythological third game through that deal, but I never realized that the game entered development or even had a title.

As the title implies though, the game was supposed to be all about tears, whether they were joyful or sad, and Sakaguhi promised an emotional story to take place behind its mechanics. However, the game was officially canned in 2008 after three years of development limbo, and Mistwalker turned to Nintendo instead to help get The Last Story off the ground.

I won’t pretend like it was some beloved lost classic that we never got to see, especially because I never really knew it existed. Still, it’s a lovely looking trailer, and I really wish that Sakaguchi had gotten around to finishing it now that I know about it.

Who knows? Maybe he can use that sweet Terra Battle cash and make it happen once again!

Ron Duwell

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