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Thimbleweed Park Wraps Up Kickstarter with Over $626,000

by Ron Duwell | December 24, 2014December 24, 2014 10:30 am PDT

Thimbleweed Park

Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick’s Maniac Mansion spiritual successor, Thimbleweed Park, has cleaned up its Kickstarter campaign in a way very few are able to these days. No drama, no need for a final push to secure funding. The duo of classic point-and-click adventure developers nearly doubled their goal, cleared out their stretch goals, and ended with a grand total with $626,250.

I told you it was going to be a huge success. Adventure gaming fans love Ron Gilbert, and they weren’t going to pass up this chance to make sure that this game is the best it can possibly be. An update on the Kickstarter page addressed backers and showered them with praise.

The support for Thimbleweed Park has been completely and totally overwhelming. 15,623 backers believed in an old-school-retro-spiritual-successor to a game Gary and I made 25 years ago. Would people want big pixel graphics? Would people want a true classic point & click adventure game? Do people want verbs? Do people want challenging puzzles? Will threatening to microwave a pretend hamster work? We had so many questions, but I think they all got answered.

It’s a shame that I didn’t get around to backing it, but like I’ve said so many times, I want a few more of the games I’ve backed to be released before I start throwing more money at these Kickstarter projects. Hyper Light Drifter, Darkest DungeonAegis Defenders. Wherefore art thou?

Congratulations to Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick. Thimbleweed Park looks like a great time, and the two are aiming for a release in June 2016. Plenty of time to make this a wonderful throwback and a hit in its own right.


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