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Persona 5 Producer set to Reveal New Content After New Year

by Joey Davidson | December 23, 2014December 23, 2014 8:30 pm PST

Aside from its brief appearance at the PlayStation Experience, Persona 5 has been little more than a whisper on the wind. This popular franchise will see its next main entry release on both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, and it will be coming in 2015.

Beyond that? We don’t know much. The game seems to be about breaking out of the bonds of society, but that’s just me making assumptions based on the imagery we’ve been presented in the trailer.

Speaking with Japanese gaming mags, Persona 5 Producer Katsura Hashino offered a little about the timing of future news for the game. Buck up, fans, it might be coming soon.

Hashino offered that “after the New Year, we’d like to reveal content with proper timing.” Hopefully that content reveal will be big enough to push our collective hype levels up between the New Year and, I assume, next holiday.

I dumped a lot of time into Persona 4 Golden, my most recent foray into the main line of this series. I cannot wait to do the same with Persona 5. We’ll have more on the JRPG as it comes.

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