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LG G Pad X Trademark Hints at a High-End Tablet

by Jacob Kleinman | December 23, 2014December 23, 2014 9:00 am PDT

LG G Pad 8.3-Back

It’s been a while since LG really wowed us with a new tablet, but now it looks like the company may be gearing up to unleash an exciting new Android slate. A recent trademark for a “G Pad X” spotted by Phandroid suggests LG’s next tablet is already in the works.

The G Pad X trademark doesn’t reveal any real details beyond confirming its connection to LG. However, the name alone is enough to get us at least a little excited. That X suggests this could be flagship device with high-end specs, instead of just another mid-range slate. We’ve already seen what LG is capable of with the seriously impressive G3 smartphone, so hopefully the G Pad X gets the same level of attention.

LG is set to make an appearance next month at CES 2015, though it’s unclear what the company has planned. We’re not expecting a new flagship phone quite yet, but a high-end tablet is definitely possible. Of course, there’s no guarantee the G Pad X will ever make the jump from trademark to real device, but we’re holding out hope it could get an official launch early next year.

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