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Disney Adding Support for Apple Pay and Google Wallet This Week

by Jacob Kleinman | December 23, 2014December 23, 2014 8:00 pm PDT


When Apple first unveiled Apple Pay earlier this year, it promised you’d be able to pay with your iPhone at Disney World “before Christmas.” Now, with just a few days left to meet that deadline, it looks like Disney is finally getting ready to rollout support for mobile payments.

Unofficial Disney blog WDWMagic reports that support for Apple Pay, Google Wallet and other contactless services will rollout this week ahead of Dec. 25. Specifically, you’ll be able to pay at Disney World in Florida starting on Dec. 24, with a broader rollout slated for 2015. The service could also be limited to certain stores, fast food restaurants and ticket booths within the park at launch.

Disney already offers its own mobile payment platform using a wearable band called MyMagic Band, it also works as a room key, park admission and a slew of other uses.

Using Apple Pay or Google Wallet at Disney World will be the same as using it anywhere else, meaning it should be a quick and painless process. If you’re heading to Florida this week you can check it out for yourself.


Jacob Kleinman

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