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Volvo’s New Connected Bike Helmet Could Save Your Life

by Jacob Kleinman | December 19, 2014December 19, 2014 2:00 pm PDT

We’ve heard of smart bicycles before, but what about a smart bike helmet? It might not be as ridiculous as it sounds after you check out Volvo’s new life-saving product, a connected bike helmet that the car-maker hopes will prevent serious injuries to cyclists on the roads.

The new helmet, which was developed with help from Ericsson and protective sports gear company POC, doesn’t just connect to your smartphone. Instead, it creates a connection between the wearer and anyone in a Volvo car with its new City Safety System. Then the car will warn the driver when a bike is nearby, even if it’s out of sight just up around the bend. It also features a built-in light that will flash automatically to alert cars.

The new bike helmet fits in nicely with Volvo’s “Vision 2020,” which hopes to eliminate car crash fatalities and major injuries in the next six years. The company notes that 50 percent of biking-related deaths in Europe are caused by car collisions, so this new technology could really make a huge difference.

There’s no word on when Volvo’s new helmet will actually be available, though the company says it plans to demo the new product at CES 2015 next month. We’ll be covering the entire show live from Las Vegas, so hopefully we’ll get a chance to see this smart helmet in action.


Jacob Kleinman

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