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Minecraft Creator Just Spent $70 Million On a House

by Eric Frederiksen | December 19, 2014December 19, 2014 8:30 pm PDT


Notch has been watching all you amateur architects building your dream houses in his phenomenally successful block-punching simulator, Minecraft, and decided he’s had enough. You can’t have cooler houses than the guy who built the game. So he now has the coolest house ever. You can’t one-up this one.

For just a small fraction of the $2.5 billion Microsoft paid Markus “Notch” Persson and his company Mojang for the rights to Minecraft, Notch now owns a home in Beverly Hills, California. At $70 million, it also happens to be the most expensive house ever sold in an area jam packed with houses priced in the 7 and 8 digit range. Notch even beat out Jay-Z and Beyonce for the house, likely marking the first time two of the coolest people on earth were outbid by a (ridiculously wealthy) dork in a fedora.

The house clocks in at 23,000 square feet (well over 10 times the size of house most adults could ever fill up). It features a 54-foot curved glass door, an infinity pool, an 18-seat screening room, an 18-foot onyx dining table (pictrured above) pre-furnished with 18 place settings that cost  $3,700 a piece, three 90-inch televisions that show views of the city even in rooms without a view. Oh, and there are eight bedrooms and 15 bathrooms – each with a $5,600 toilet. And a candy room. Is that even a thing?

Everyone’s invited to Notch’s place for the biggest LAN party the world has ever seen.

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