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Red Dead Redemption Sequel Comes Down to “Bandwidth and Timing”

by Ron Duwell | December 18, 2014December 18, 2014 9:30 am PST


It goes without saying that Red Dead Redemption is one of Rockstar’s most popular franchises outside of Grand Theft Auto, so I bet that they get nagged by fans quite a bit for a follow-up to the western masterpiece. Rockstar has addressed this issue through a Q&A on the Rockstar Newswire.

It’s wonderful to see so much excitement and enthusiasm for the Red Dead series, and nearly 5 years after Red Dead Redemption’s release(!) As we’ve mentioned when asked in the past about new games in other series such as Red Dead Redemption, Bully and L.A. Noire, we don’t always rush to make sequels, but that does not mean we won’t get to them eventually.

We have so many games we want to make and the issue is always one of bandwidth and timing. We thank longtime fans such as yourselves as always for your amazing support and please stay tuned in 2015 for announcements of what’s to come from Rockstar Games.

Red Dead Redemption was an amazing game, even for someone like me who has become a little sick of open-worlds, but I’m not sure how I would feel about a sequel. The story is a nice, self-contained bit of video game magic, and I’m pretty sure Rockstar has done just about everything there is to do with the Western setting. Anything further would be a little pointless I think unless they moved back into the early days of the Western frontier rather than its twilight. That would be truly untamed wilderness.

Better yet though, if Rockstar was able to take that magic and breathe life into a new, under-utilized video game setting, that would be far more satisfying. Of course, Assassin’s Creed apparently has “dibs” on every major era in history now, but if not the west, where does Rockstar go next?

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