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T-Mobile Discusses 2015 Plans – There’s Good News If You Don’t Get a Signal Indoors

by Jacob Kleinman | December 16, 2014December 16, 2014 10:00 am PST


In a blog post on Tuesday, T-Mobile chief technology officer Neville Ray offered some stats on where T-Mobile’s network stands now, and what’s coming next year. The firm now boasts LTE coverage for 260 million Americans and is also racing to expand its super-fast Wideband LTE network. Not bad for a company that, just two years ago, didn’t have an LTE network at all.

Wideband LTE, which increases its LTE data speeds by 50 percent, is now live in 121 metropolitan areas. T-Mobile is also taking advantage of its new 700MHz spectrum. Band 12 LTE is now available in Cleveland, Colorado Springs, Minneapolis and Washington, DC, the carrier explained. Low-band LTE improves coverage inside of buildings, which has typically been a weak spot for T-Mobile, though it requires a device that supports Band 12. T-Mobile currently offers five devices with that support built in and said all new devices in 2015 will support Band 12.

The carrier also revealed some compelling stats. It said that customers now place 19.2 million VoLTE calls and 6.5 million Wi-Fi calls each day, and that the average customer consumes 3.5GB of data per month. Now, using T-Mobile’s new Data Stash offering, qualifying customers can start to roll-over the data they don’t use, too.

Next year, T-Mobile plans to rollout wideband LTE from “coast to coast” to meet the new data demand on its network, and that it will continue to push out its low-band LTE network and double its LTE footprint year-on-year.


Jacob Kleinman

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