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Explosions, Grappling Hooks, and Flying Cars Star in These Just Cause 3 Screens

by Eric Frederiksen | December 11, 2014December 11, 2014 2:30 pm PST

The general list of activities you perform in a Just Cause game would be, almost anywhere else, unreasonably silly. In Just Cause, though, they’re awesome.

The latest batch of screenshots for the upcoming Just Cause 3 features just a few of the things one can do when they’re ostensibly freeing an island nation from an oppressive regime.

  • Surfing on top of Italian sports cars
  • Firing rockets while standing on the wing of an airplane
  • Wielding chain guns too big for a human to carry like it’s no big deal
  • Winning a firefight from atop a bus
  • Parachuting from everything
  • Grappling onto a flying Helicopter

The screenshots we’ve seen so far have looked great and this group is no different. The environment is looking great, and the explosions are just as big as you’d hope.

Just Cause 3 is currently set to release sometime in 2015.

Eric Frederiksen

Eric Frederiksen has been a gamer since someone made the mistake of letting him play their Nintendo many years ago, pushing him to beg for his own,...