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Shazam Gets Massive Updates for iOS and Android

by Jacob Kleinman | December 10, 2014December 10, 2014 4:00 pm PST

Shazam is rolling out a cross-platform update designed to bring it song-identification service to new levels. The new app is developed to leverage all the data Shazam takes in, and also offers easy integration with your favorite music streaming services.

“We want Shazam to continue to serve as a destination for music fans, increasingly becoming the center of their music world,” said the company’s Chief Product Officer Daniel Danker. “For years Shazam has identified music with just one tap. Now it’s just as easy to open Shazam and tap once to discover and listen to great music.”

Of course, Shazam will still help identify new songs for you on the fly, but when you boot up the new app you’ll get a ton of new information as well. The first thing you’ll see is recent news related to your favorite artists, along with a list of trending songs based on your personal preferences and those of your friends. Keep digging in and you’ll find charts and maps that show the most popular songs in the world based on Shazam’s own data.

But Shazam’s best new feature may be integration with Spotify and Rdio. Every time you identify a new song, you can save it instantly to your music streaming service. At the moment this is only available for Spotify on iOS, though the company says Android support is coming in the next few weeks. Meanwhile, Rdio users should get the same feature early next year.

To check out the new Shazam app on Android or iOS, hit the source links below, or head to the company’s website for even more information.

Jacob Kleinman

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