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Jeff Daniels Could Play Former Apple CEO in Steve Jobs Movie

Jeff Daniels

Jeff Daniels is being considered for the role of former Apple CEO John Sculley in the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic from Universal Studios, sources claim. The 59-year-old has already worked with writer Aaron Sorkin on HBO’s The Newsroom, which he recently won an Emmy for.

The Newsroom’s final season is just about to come to an end, with the last episode airing on Sunday, December 14. But Daniels could be teamed up with Sorkin again sooner than he may have anticipated. According to a report from The Wrap, multiple sources familiar with the movie’s development say he is being eyed for the role of John Sculley.

Sculley became Apple CEO back in 1983 after Steve Jobs convinced him to leave his role as president of PepsiCo. He held the position for ten years, overseeing the ousting of Jobs in 1985, before being forced out of the company himself in 1993 following a bad first quarter.

“While Daniels does not have an official offer yet, one is expected to materialize soon, as he’s considered [Danny] Boyle’s top choice for the key supporting role,” The Wrap reports. They also say Michael Fassbender has closed a deal to play Jobs himself.

Meanwhile, Seth Rogen has reportedly agreed a deal to play Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak — but Natalie Portman, who was expected to play Jobs’s daughter Lisa, has allegedly turned down the role.

The biopic, which was recently picked up by Universal after being dropped by Sony, is set to make its cinema debut late next year. It will consist of just three scenes, all of which take place backstage at iconic Jobs keynotes.

The Wrap

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