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HTC One Google Play Edition Devices Finally Get Lollipop Update

HTC’s Google Play Edition devices are finally getting the Android Lollipop update today after multiple delays and weeks of waiting. The over-the -air software upgrade is set to hit the Google Play Edition One (M8) by noon. It’s also headed to last year’s stock Android HTC One.

Google’s latest software upgrade is a big one, introducing a fresh design along with plenty of new features. The update adds lock screen notifications and new Smart Lock options. There’s also the battery saving mode and a customizable do-not-disturb mode with interruption controls. Meanwhile, Material Design feels like a fresh coat of paint, with some great animations to guide you through the new OS. HTC’s devices are actually jumping straight to Android 5.0.1, though as far as we can tell it’s a pretty minor update over the original Lollipop release mostly focused on big fixes.

The official update is set for noon today (we’re guessing that’s Pacific time since Versi is based on the West coast) for the One (M8), though it looks like some people may already be getting it early. You can check your device now for any new updates, though it could be a few more hours—or even days—before it gets to everyone.

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