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This Fan Made Pokémon Oculus VR Demo is Pretty Cool

by Joey Davidson | December 4, 2014December 4, 2014 11:30 am PDT

Pokémon has unofficially been thrust into glorious 3D and virtual reality with Oculus Rift on the DK2. This short demo comes from misterbunbun (amazing name, by the way), and it’s pretty much glorious.

It’s super quick and silly, but you’ll see this player use voice commands, hold out his hands to select attacks and come too close to dying with a level 30 Pikachu against a level 10 Magnemite.

According to the video’s description, the demo will supposedly allow for voice commands. That wasn’t working while recording, so misterbunbun (still laughing about that) had to switch over to motion controls during play.

Anyone notice the Diglett in the background around the 13 second mark in the video? Man, I think I’m nerding out a little to hard about this whole thing.

So, Pokémon in Oculus. Sure, it’ll never officially happen, but I can’t be the only one hoping for some fans to create an original adventure with the virtual reality goggles in mind, can I? It looks too good.

If you have all the hardware required, you can download this demo here. That link also includes play instructions.


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