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Samsung Doesn’t Want To Pay Apple In Infringement Case

by Brandon Russell | December 4, 2014December 4, 2014 2:00 pm PDT

Apple iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy Alpha-7

Samsung on Thursday pleaded with a U.S. appeals court not to force the company to pay out the $930 million it owes Apple. In a an older ruling, Samsung was ordered to pay the iPhone maker the immense sum for infringing on Apple patents when making its Galaxy line—the millions of dollars is actually a reduction of the $1 billion that was initially awarded. The lawsuit, which is for all intents and purposes over and done with, is years old by now, but still won’t quite disappear for good.

The two companies have actually been more cordial over the past several months, even agreeing to throw out all lawsuits that were taking place outside of the U.S. But this one still lingers, and Samsung is trying to toss out the order entirely. Kathleen Sullivan, who represents Samsung, said the lower court made a poor decision when determining that early Galaxy phones could be mistaken for an Apple product. Sullivan called the award absurd, and said it was akin to “awarding entire profits on a car because of an infringing cup holder.” Apple lawyer William Lee respectfully disagreed.

The three judges who overheard the appeal haven’t yet made a decision, and it’s unclear when a ruling would be made.


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