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This GTA V Los Santos by Night Video is Fantastic

by Joey Davidson | December 3, 2014December 3, 2014 2:30 pm PST

Just when I thought I had my fill of Los Santos and the world of Grand Theft Auto V, a fan made video pulls me right back into the game. No, literally. I’m booting the game up on my PlayStation 4 as I type out this post.

The clip you see above comes from YouTuber The XXI, and it’s a montage of the nightlife players come across in Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V. It’s actually pretty darn gorgeous, and it tickled my fancy enough to pull my copy off my shelf for more play.

I first saw the video on Reddit yesterday, but it’s been making the rounds on sites like ours ever since. It really is a well done clip, and it shows a lot of the seemingly unintentional artistry behind Rockstar’s penchant for making game worlds.

Say what you want about the developer and the promised, but still undelivered, Heist Mode, Rockstar certainly knows how to make an amazing open world. I don’t know about you, but the thought of the result of Grand Theft Auto V on the new gen consoles has me incredibly excited for a new take on Red Dead. Imagine that open world in Rockstar’s hands…

What do you think of Los Santos by Night?

Joey Davidson

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