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There’s a Free PSOne Theme for the PlayStation 4

by Joey Davidson | December 3, 2014December 3, 2014 10:30 am PDT

When the 2.03 firmware releases for the PlayStation 4 today (as it already has for Europe) and the store updates, it should include a nice little surprise. We’re in the middle of the 20th anniversary celebration of the PSOne, afterall, so Sony has released something special for PlayStation 4 owners.

There’s a PSOne theme available on the system.

The theme includes that now classic gray tone, the original system startup sound and background music that consists of a medley of classic PlayStation system sound effects. It’s pure, nostalgic glory for PlayStation fans, and it’s something you should absolutely pick up if you’re looking to dress up your dashboard.

I’m currently rolling with the Paper Craft theme, I believe it’s called. Something like that. It’s the one that looks like a paper cutout complete with a boat and rocking waves. It’s pretty neat, I suppose, but the original PSOne startup sound is enough to pull me away. Hearing that clip evokes way, way too good memories of gaming growing up.

As of 8am EST today, North America doesn’t have access to firmware version 2.03 for the PS4. Once we do, hopefully the theme will be available shortly after.


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