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Twitter Update Makes it Easier to Report Abuse

by Jacob Kleinman | December 2, 2014December 2, 2014 12:30 pm PDT


Twitter rolled out a new update on Tuesday in an effort to cut down on online bullying and harassment by making it easier to report and block offensive accounts.

The reporting process should be more intuitive on a smartphone or tablet moving forward. It’s now easier overall to flag offensive tweets, and you won’t need as much information to file an initial complaint. The company also notes that it’s introducing several back-end tools to help review offending accounts and tweets once they’ve been reported.

At the same time, Twitter is rolling out an updated page for all your blocked accounts, which is accessible through the settings menu on the social network’s main website. At the moment the new page simply shows a list of accounts you’ve already blocked, though more tools should arrive in the next few months.

twitter blocking

The company notes that this is just the start of a major push to make Twitter a safer place and curb the harassment that sometimes run rampant on the social network. This first batch of updates should be available to a small subset of people starting today before expanding to everyone in the next few weeks.


Jacob Kleinman

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