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New Google Glass With Intel Processor Expected in 2015

by Killian Bell | December 1, 2014December 1, 2014 4:00 am PDT


Google is gearing up to launch a new Google Glass next year that will be powered by an Intel processor, according to sources who are familiar with the search giant’s plans. The new device is also expected to offer better battery life than the existing Explorer Edition unit.

While its design hasn’t changed much since Google Glass made its debut back in February 2013, the device has had two important upgrades: compatibility with prescription lenses and an increase in RAM. But next year’s Glass refresh could well be its most significant yet.

According to sources for The Wall Street Journal, Google won’t only improve the wearable’s design, but also replace its Texas Instruments processor with one manufactured by Intel. As part of the new partnership, Intel will reportedly market Glass to “hospital networks and manufacturers, while developing new workplace uses for the device.”

Rather than simply being a concept device used only by those with a keen interest in the latest technology, then, Glass could finally work its way into professional settings next year, and have a much more significant impact. Google may have to do something about its price tag first, however.

One complaint Google is expected to address with the new model is its battery life. Current Glass headsets promise to last around one day in between charges with “typical” use, but frequently using features like turn-by-turn navigation and video recording can bring that estimate down significantly.

Google aims to deliver much better battery life with next year’s model, the sources say — perhaps even doubling it to around two days of use.

Glass is unlikely to ever become a massively popular device like the smartphone — not many people are keen on its look and it seems the vast majority consider the smartwatch to be a better alternative — but big improvements to the device certainly won’t hurt sales.

Killian Bell

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