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Kickstart This Original Game Boy HDMI Converter

by Ron Duwell | December 1, 2014December 1, 2014 8:30 pm PDT

Time to pull out those old black and white Game Boy carts to get them fired up for the big leagues! A pair of Game Boy super-fans are in the process of developing a converter which will allow gamers to plug those old grey brick Game Boy handhelds directly into their HDTVs.

Dubbed the “hdmyboy,” this device is planned to work exactly as advertised by allowing a simple plug-in modification to the original Game Boy which will plug into any HDMI supported television. Simply open the device up, swap out a cable or two, and seal it shut again. Keep in mind that this will only work with the original massive model. No Color or Game Boy Pockets allowed.

From there, the HDMI boosted games can be controlled with a replica of the NES controller for a bit more retro flavor.

Further exciting ideas include Super Game Boy-esque shaders which will allow the addition of colors to the monochrome image. Those who don’t like emulation will also feel right at home with the ability use your original carts. Last I checked, the Wii U wasn’t selling these games on the Virtual Console either.

The team behind the “hdmyboy” is looking for 65000 Euros (~$81,000) through Kickstarter to further fund development, and it is currently sitting at 14000 Euros (~$17,500) with 25 days remaining. Those who want one of the first shipments will have to pay 115 Euros (~$145), but donations for the “hdmyboy” begin at just 1 Euro.

I’ve always wanted to play Final Fantasy Adventure or Gargoyle’s Quest on a big screen. I guess this is my chance!

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