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Microsoft to Showcase New Windows 10 Features in January

Windows 10

Microsoft will hold an event in January to showcase new Windows 10 features and talk about its plans for smartphones and tablets, according to sources with knowledge of the matter. The software giant is also expected to use the event to launch its first Windows 10 consumer preview.

Microsoft gave us our first glimpse at Windows 10 at a small event in San Francisco back in September. The brief event lasted just one hour, and there are many things Microsoft did not get a chance to demonstrate. But the company reportedly has much more to show us next year.

“We’re told the company’s consumer feature unveiling will be more significant,” The Verge reports. “Microsoft has a large number of features to discuss, including a new touch interface dubbed Continuum.”

According to the reportthe event won’t take place at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas — although Microsoft will be attending that — but rather a separate event in late January. In addition to showing off new features, the company is expected to announce its plans for Windows 10 on other devices, including smartphones, tablets, and possibly Xbox One.

It’s thought Microsoft could also roll out Windows 10’s first consumer preview at the same time. A technical preview is already available to those looking to build applications for Windows 10, but consumer builds tend to be slightly more stable, and should contain some of the additional features.

Microsoft will announced the event before the end of this year, The Verge says.

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