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Watch Booty Shorts Link Brawl in Hyrule Warriors DLC Trailer

by Ron Duwell | November 27, 2014November 27, 2014 4:00 pm PST

We’ve seen the scandalous screenshots, and now see him in motion in a brand new Hyrule Warriors DLC pack trailer! Hot pants Link might look embarrassed in his photos wearing his goofy new DLC outfit, but when it comes time to throw down and save Hyrule, he’s still totally business.

The trailer also covers new content like Zelda’ excellent new weapon, the┬áDominion Rod. With it, she can summon an enormous statue who battles for her. Every wave she does with the rod, the statue mimics with its giant hammer. It’s just like playing with the Wii Motion Plus! Does Princess Zelda ever throw down in Wii Sports Resort, I wonder?

Twili Midna also pops up as the newest female character to join the roster. Does anybody else think she looks like Cersei Lannister? Her powers extend to giant fists which swing at enemies or giant circular shadows which engulfs them into darkness.

The trailer also covers Zelda’s countryside costume and a host of new options available in the Adventure Mode. New options tackle elements on the overworld map and the hilarious 8-bit weapons extend to the raft. Yes, the raft is now a weapon.

The DLC pack should be released tomorrow for $7.99, or you can pick it up in a three pack season pass for $19.99.

Ron Duwell

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