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Tales from the Borderlands Surprises Us With a Release Today!

Tales from the Borderlands - 5

Surprise! Where did this come from? Telltale just dropped a huge bomb on the gaming world by speedily releasing its latest episodic graphic adventure, Tales from the Borderlands. With no fair warning, fans can expect to see it today on Steam and the PlayStation Store.

Telltale also tells Xbox fans that they don’t have to wait very long as the game will be released tomorrow, Nov. 26th.

As for pricing, the episodes can be picked up for $5 each on both platforms. Xbox owners can pick up a season pass for $15, but PlayStation fans will have to cough up an extra $5 to bring it to $20. The full PC season will be available for $25 from the start, and no iOS and Android details have been made available yet.

With all the rumblings lately about Telltale’s highly anticipated Game of Thrones adaptation in recent days, it goes without saying that this release came as a bit of a shock. Be sure to check out your preferred platform when the stores update today or tomorrow.


Ron Duwell

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