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Google Glass Basecamps Quietly Closed Down

by Brandon Russell | November 21, 2014November 21, 2014 5:45 pm EST


When Google Glass first launched, the search giant opened up “Basecamps” in three different locations around the U.S.: San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles. These pop up stores essentially acted as a place for Explorers to congregate, whether to learn more about their device or get other technical support. It allowed Google to directly interact with Glass users, and by all accounts the makeshift stores were going to be a major part of the technology’s future.

But according to Phandroid, Google’s Basecamp locations have been shuttered, a move that’s suspiciously timed considering the supposed lack of interest in the wearable technology. The storefronts were basically meant to become Glass City Halls, a place where people who ponied up the $1,500 to participate in Google’s experiment could go and feel accepted. Maybe they’re being relocated? Google hasn’t commented on the closures yet.

Does this signal the end for Glass? Not exactly, but the timing of it is odd, particularly with the holidays just around the bend. Google has said it is still committed to bringing the technology to consumers at a much more affordable price, though when that will happen is anyone’s guess. Glass is still available in the Google Play store, along with a variety of frames and shades.

A lot of the news regarding Glass over the past several months has been predominantly negative, with a lot of reports focusing on privacy issues and the behavior of Glass users, sometimes known as “Glassholes.” Introducing Glass to market will certainly be an uphill battle if Google does indeed introduce a consumer version. Why these Basecamps, which provided solace for Glass evangelists, have been closed down is unclear.

For now, Glass users will have to interact with non-Glass users, and see if maybe there’s still hope for regular people to communicate with future cyborgs.


Brandon Russell

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