European Parliament May Vote to Break Up Google

by Jacob Kleinman | November 21, 2014

Google I:O 2014 Logo 2

Google and Europe don’t always get along. The EU’s “right to be forgotten” forces the search giant to pull embarrassing links thanks to a ruling earlier this year. Now the European Parliament could take even stronger actions against Google, according to a Financial Times report.

Google is too big and powerful, at least that’s what the European Parliament may argue in an upcoming vote. FT notes the effort will likely be led by German politicians who dominate European government and often criticize Google. In particular, the EU’s German digital commissioner has suggested forcing Google search to show neutral results.

We’re not sure exactly what a broken up Google would look like, though it sounds like the vote may focus on separating Google Search from the rest of the company. It’s also worth noting that the European Parliament can’t actually force the company to break up, though passing the resolution could still send shockwaves through the industry.

Jacob Kleinman

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