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Jolla’s Debut Tablet With Sailfish OS Secures Fan Funding


Finnish startup Jolla has secured funding for its new Jolla Tablet powered by Sailfish OS after launching a crowdfunding project through Indiegogo. The 7.9-inch device surpassed its funding goal within just a couple of hours, and the total amount of cash raised currently stand at just under half a million dollars.

Jolla Tablet is the world’s first tablet powered by Sailfish OS, a platform derived from the MeeGo operating system that powered Nokia’s N9 smartphone. Sailfish OS has been designed and developed by Jolla itself, a company started by a team of ex-Nokia engineers just three years ago.

Speaking of Nokia, the Jolla Tablet isn’t too dissimilar to Nokia’s exciting new iPad mini clone called the N1. It, too, is powered by a quad-core Intel processor, has a similar 7.9-inch display with the same 2048×1536, and also offers 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage as standard.

The Jolla Tablet isn’t quite as thin as the N1, though, and it wasn’t designed to look like it was made by Apple. It’s also cheaper at just $204 (for early backers), and it promises “the world’s best, state of the art multitasking experience,” according to Jolla co-founder and CEO Marc Dillon.

Jolla believes switching between different apps and using several simultaneously is one of the things we do most on a tablet, so with Sailfish OS on Jolla Tablet, the company gives us the ability to run a whole bunch of apps at once, and see them all on one screen.

Switching to Sailfish OS doesn’t mean you have to leave behind all the apps you know and love, either. The open-source platform also runs Android apps, and you can use them alongside native apps for a completely seamless user experience.

Right now, Jolla Tablet is “just a dream,” but it has already reached its funding goal. Its target was to make $380,000 within 22 days, but it has secured almost double that in as many hours. The campaign doesn’t end until December 9, so you still have chance to get your Jolla Tablet at backer pricing.

To pledge your support and find out more about Jolla Tablet and Sailfish OS, visit the Indiegogo project page by hitting the source link below.

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