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You Can Play as a Seagull in the new Grand Theft Auto V

by Joey Davidson | November 19, 2014November 19, 2014 11:30 am PST

New graphics? Pfft. Better foliage? Whatever. 162 new songs? I don’t care. Grand Theft Auto in a first person perspective? So…?

Playing as a seagull? Yes, you have my attention.

With the new Grand Theft Auto V port to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, players have discovered an easter egg that lets their characters fly like a bird. In fact, you can turn into tons of animals.

There are peyote plants scattered around the world of Grand Theft Auto V. Consuming them lets players hallucinate and turn into an animal. The guy doing the video (who probably passed out afterwards from talking so fast without taking a breath) alludes to 27 different plant locations and 27 different animals, though the latter appears to be random.

Yep, this is absolutely ridiculous. I’ll be hunting out these peyote plants at a constant clip once I fire up my game again this morning. What a bonkers addition from Rockstar, right?

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